Fidelity started life in the 1940s when its founder, the leather cutter Joseph Menino started to make coats at his home. His designs became popular extremely quickly, and it wasn’t long before Boston’s Menino had 1,500 members of staff on his books. Examples of Fidelity garments include toggle coats, pea coats and wool shirt jackets, with the items being famed for their classic all-American styles. The company is currently owned by Gerald and Stewart Webber, who began their career with the brand on the shop floor. The early experiences allowed them to gain a unique insight into how the garments were produced, and they are often found on the factory floor even today discussing new ideas and how to bring them to reality.


Quality and Value

Each part of the manufacturing process takes place at Fidelity’s Boston factory, and the brand’s clients have included the US military. Fidelity clothing is shipped not only throughout not only the US but to Asia and Europe too. The company is also famed for its exceptional value, with its relative lack of overheads allowing it to make exceptional savings and pass them onto its customers, with no compromise on quality or style. Fidelity is seen as one of the only few family businesses in the fashion world to maintain such a strong global presence.  

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