Nudie Jeans

Gothenburg’s Nudie Jeans was established at the turn of the century and has become one of the most popular brands in the world since its inception. The brand is noted for its ethical awareness as well as its relationships with musicians and causes such as Amnesty International. The brand is extremely youthful in character and is famed for its world-class craftsmanship as well as its idiosyncratic designs. Nudie Jeans’ Maria Erixsson is famed for her extensive CV, having been a head of design for the Scandinavian arm of Lee, collaborating with Joakim Levin in 1999 to establish Nudie, taking the partnership’s passion for denim to a whole new level.


The Utmost Durability 

Nudie’s jeans are built on the school of thought that jeans look better the older they get – and that you should never wash them. Fortunately the design and build quality of the jeans makes them incredibly durable, with a level of longevity that outshines that of various rival brands. The brand has a presence in virtually every country that the world has to offer. There’s also enough variety in its fits and styles to suit a whole plethora of preferences. The company has developed its ranges to incorporate various non-denim items such as t-shirts and sweaters. 

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